Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should we choose Eagle Fencing rather than another fence contractor?
A: Eagle Fencing is one of many contractors in the GTA providing our services to the residential and commercial sector alike. If you were to search for fence contractors through Google, so many fence contractors come up that as a consumer you do not know where to start, so you choose one and expect that contractor to do a great job right? Wrong. The difference between Eagle Fencing and other fence contractors is the service and the warranty after the work has been complete. Of course, all contractors boast about the same thing and promise the world to get the work, but how many horror stories have you heard once those promises weren’t kept? At Eagle Fencing, you are choosing us for our premium materials, our excellent service, our installation process, our legitimate business practice, and our warranty once the work has been completed. When we say that we will come back, we 100% mean it and stand by it. If it wasn’t for our customers, we would not be here right now, and your happiness means our success. With your satisfaction in mind, we also do not take deposits when being contracted the work, working with you entirely on trust. Our newly revamped customer service program has been changed to reflect our values and has been put in place to educate our employees on how we want to treat our customers. That means you will be respected as our customers and as people. Choosing Eagle Fencing is a smart choice, but if we do not meet up to your expectations through our initial point of contact and you decide to go another route, please let us know what made you feel that way so we can correct it.
Q: I received a quote from another contractor and they were cheaper. Can you match that price?
A: In all honesty, we generally do not like to match another contractors price. We have set our prices to be competitive and like everything else, you do get what you pay for. In retrospect, if a contractor is giving you a cheaper price, have you considered what corners that contractor is cutting? They may be using less concrete, the quality of materials may be of an inferior quality, they may auger there holes with a smaller auger head, or they may not be digging down as deep to cut costs. Once the work is complete and a year has gone by, you have paid for your fence and a deficiency in the work is spotted. The chances of that contractor coming back is very unlikely. Why? Because of the cheaper initial cost, they only make enough profit to cover that particular job for a small period of time. Should they lose on another project, it significantly reduces the chances of the contractor sticking to their warranty because it will cost them more money to rectify the issue. Therefore, what we recommend is to receive three quotes from reputable companies and then choose based on how comfortable you were and how knowledgeable each representative was on the project at hand.
Q: I just signed a contract with Eagle Fencing, when will my fence be installed?
A: Once you sign a contract with us and agree to allow us to complete your fence and/or deck project, the wait times vary throughout the season. At our peak season, we are always very busy and wait times go anywhere from 4-6 weeks. However, we work as fast as we can to accommodate for all the work we receive and it is very difficult to turn away work when customers are insistent that we are the contractor that completes their project. Additionally, in the spring the GTA is generally receiving a lot of water because of all the rain and because our line of work is outdoors, it does push our schedule back. At the end of the day however, Eagle Fencing accommodates for its scheduling and ensures that the work is done in a reasonable manner, often working until sundown in the middle of the summer.
Q: You have a 5 Year Warranty on your work. What does it cover?
A: This is a question we are asked all the time. The 5 year warranty covers the workmanship and craftsmanship of the installation of the fence and/or deck. This includes improper installation of the posts, faulty workmanship in the building of the fence and/or deck, poor installation of a gate, or improperly framed sections of lumber. Our standard gates are warranted throughout the 5 years for workmanship, but keep in mind that our full frame gates (should you receive one) is not. The reason for this is that they are incredibly heavy in comparison to the standard gates and although we take every precaution possible when hanging the full frame gates (using heavy duty hardware), over time these gates may sag and that is why they are unwarrantable. Additionally, wood is a natural product and at one point was part of a living, breathing life form. It is either treated with Alkaline, Copper, and Quaternary (Pressure Treated lumber) or it is a natural product with its own treatment properties (Western Red Cedar). When being doused by the sun’s rays, the product begins to dry and therefore, it may begin to warp. This is a naturally occurring tendency and is unwarrantable because Eagle Fencing cannot control it from happening.
Q: I have a crack going down the side of my post/some boards are warped and I want it replaced. Can you come by and replace it?
A: Unfortunately, Eagle Fencing is not responsible for the wood once the fence has been installed. Warping is a natural tendency of both treated and untreated lumber due to different grain patterns that are established during the growth of a tree. No tree grows in a perfectly straight line, and therefore grain patterns will always be irregular. Splitting and ‘checking’ as it is called, is caused by moisture transfer between the lumber and the surrounding environment. The constant wetting and drying of the lumbers exposed surfaces causes stress on the lumber itself which creates cracks and separation. In Lehman’s terms, the wood is drying quicker on the outside than it is on the inside and causing it to crack. Spraying a water repellent on your fence and/or deck will help reduce the amount of splitting and cracking as it dries. Therefore, because cracking and warping is a natural tendency in wood, it is unwarrantable by Eagle Fencing. However, please call your sales representative for options on what can be done to rectify any concerns.
Q: I am looking for an iron fence. Do you install this style of fence?
A: Yes, Eagle Fencing does supply and install Wrought Iron fencing. When making contact with one of our sales representatives, let them know what you are looking for and they will gladly assist you in the selection of fence you desire.
Q: The project is complete and I love my new fence. What method of payment do you prefer?
A: Once the work is complete and the customer is satisfied, the methods of payment that we accept are Visa, Mastercard, and cheques. We do not necessarily have a preferred method of payment, but should you wish to pay with a credit card, let your sales representative know and they will make arrangements for that method of payment.
Q: I am pretty handy myself and would like to build my own fence. Can I purchase the material from you?
A: Eagle Fencing does not mind Do-It-Yourselfers building their own fence, but we do not sell our lumber to the public. However, our friends over at Oasis Outdoor Products have all of the necessary items to build a high quality fence and they will gladly help you throughout the process and let you know what you need to build the fence you desire. Should it be lumber, wrought iron, or fence and deck accessories, they have everything you need at a very competitive price.